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The beginning is my favorite part. We’ll meet via phone to break the ice, share our favorite things and talk design. Once we’ve decided we’re a great fit, we’ll discuss everything about your brand and how you want others to feel when they use it/eat it/wear it/live it. We’ll talk design elements such as fonts, color palette and choose words that represent the key values of your brand. Together, we till the soil and get clear on who your customer is, why they need your product or service and how your custom branding is helping to tell it’s story.


In the second phase, I use the brand identity and design elements we’ve created to develop your brand concept. Once created, you’re offered three refinements until you feel like we’ve fully captured your brand’s essence and it’s ready to share with the world. Lastly, your branding package is completed by the creation of your two complimentary collateral design items and any a la carte items you may have added.


Everything is put into place and planted at midnight. We’ll choose a launch date and you’ll receive your final files in a zipped folder along with tips on which files to use where and when (ie: PNG vs. a PDF). You’ll also receive your Brand Styling Board + Guideline PDF (think of it like your branding seeds) so that you have your brand identity with you as your business continues to flourish + grow.

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Branding Packages + a la carte


#i: Branding package

You’ve purchased your seeds, are so excited about what your beautiful vision and heartfelt ideas are going to bloom into but you just aren’t quite sure the best way to start. The branding package is perfect for entrepreneurs and small businesses that want to give their idea and mind-body-soul child all they can from the get-go or for already established brands that want a fresh, aligned feel.

Investment: $850


+ Discovery Call
+ Brand Questionnaire
+ Mood Board Creation
+ Custom Color Palette
+ Font System
+ Brand Strategy
+ Strategy Call + PDF
+ Primary Logo
+ Secondary Logo
+ Logo Mark
+ 2 Collateral Design Pieces
+ Brand Styling Board + Guideline PDF



#II: Branding + Squarespace Web Design Package

The ideal branding package for a new endeavor or launch where cohesive messaging and consistent emotional undertones are a value.

First, we’ll take a look at your branding (either branding we’ve done together or branding you’ve had completed elsewhere) and sites that inspire you. We’ll note elements we want to develop visually as well as content wise and create a strategy on how to fill in those spaces. Once we’ve established your website’s brand identity, I put our strategy into play and complete the website design. At the end, you’ll have a full functioning website aka home for your brand.

investment: $1,500


+ Everything in the Branding Package
+ 6 pages of your choosing (ie: About, Our Story, Homepage, Blog, etc )
+ Instagram widget on the homepage (or elsewhere on the site)
+ Website Design

*If your website is being created to help sell products, I’ll create a shop on your website with a cart for easy, streamlined purchases. We’ll work together to choose images to display and add content that gives your customers a clear image of what your product is and what you offer as a brand.



#iii: branding, a squarespace web design + copywriting package

Content creation + copywriting is for the creative that has the ultimate vision and wants help choosing the right words to share that vision with your customers. We spend quality time talking about your product, what it means to you, where in your heart it grows from and your “voice”. From there, we create a Content Map and strategy to ensure that all content is aligned across all platforms (website, social media, email marketing, marketing materials, etc).

investment: $2,500


+ Everything in the Branding Package
+ Everything in the Branding + Squarespace Web Design Package
+ Content creation + copywriting

Some ideas for content creation + copywriting:
+ Flyer or Poster
+ Website content
+ Email marketing drip
+ Instagram content
+ Blog posts




Design collateral consists of any materials that help support your brand. All branding pacakges come with 2 free design collateral of your choosing.

They can also be purchased a la carte for the entrepreneur or small business who wants a well-rounded, cohesive brand story.

investment: Projects start at $75 (after 2 — first two are included in all packages)

Pick 2:

+ Custom Pattern Design
+ Pricing Sheet
+ Menu
+ Wholesale Sheet
+ Media Kit
+ Business Card Design
+ Stationary
+ Social Media Graphics



a la carte

A la carte services are great for the person who has a vision and only needs help with creating a certain part of it. They’re also great for more budgeted projects and can help create a solid branding foundation one step at a time.

Practically anything can be created a la carte including anything listed as design collateral! Projects galore!

investments: Projects start at $150

+ Any of the above design collateral
+ Logo Design
+ Squarespace Web Design
+ Content Creation + Copywriting
+ Packaging Design

Don’t see your project listed? Let me know! I’m always open to new ideas, projects and people.