Planted at Midnight is a design studio providing branding packages and a la carte services, specializing in personified branding for small businesses and individuals with a story to tell. Each service is designed to support your brand from the ground up with you + your customers in mind.



Collaboration lights me up and I believe that two heads are better than one, especially when it comes to the design process. My goal is to take your passion and your “why” for your business and help you express that through branding and content that you can feel, touch, taste and breathe. This means getting to know what you like, don’t like and who you are. The result is branding for the senses and an experience for your customers.


My branding approach is grounded in the sense that it’s transparent, authentic and true. I’m here for you and your work in the world and that means staying rooted in my value to deliver high-quality, well-executed and deeply cared-about work. No drama, no fuss — I welcome creation + evolution in all forms.


A big inspiration for me is the charm that a place, object or person can hold. To me, that’s where the story begins. Because of this, I aim to instill charm into everything I create leaving it unique and intriguing. How the charm shows up will vary from person to person, but their story will be forever embedded in their branding.


devon loftus - designer + content creator

I’ve been designing worlds and stories since I was a child. I could feel into an object, place or person and express back to them what they thought others couldn’t see or feel. As I grew up, this gift expanded into the skill of writing and design. After I dove into my own business, Moon Cycle Bakery, and successfully created an experience through it’s branding, I knew I wanted to help others do the same.

Connecting with the underlying emotional tones in all we buy, wear, and live has always been fascinating to me. Planted at Midnight is my way of helping keep beauty and stories alive in businesses and ventures of all kinds.